Nixon 17-18 Months

This handsome boy is 18 months! Some things about Nixon at this stage:
  • he loves to lay his head on your shoulder just before he goes down to sleep. And he insists that you hold him upright. He doesn't like to be cradled in your arms like a baby. Plus, he likes to sleep on his tummy with his hands and knees tucked under him when he's put down
  • he loves to read books! 
  • he likes to hold tiny things in his hands (things he shouldn't hold because of choking hazards) along with sticks and balls
  • he loves to watch family home videos
  • he does not like to be fed. He insists on eating independently 
  • he loves dogs and anytime he sees one he says, "hi!" and waves
  • he like to jump up and down and not just on the trampoline
  • Nixon follows simple instructions like, put your diaper in the trash, or put your toys in the basket.
  • he likes to take off his shoes when ever he can, especially when he sitting in his carseat, and then he chucks them
  • he can point out where his nose, ears, mouth, and eyes are
  • he had his first official week in nursery. He did great and loved it. We've taken him in to nursery for parts because he's just too much of a handful in Relief Society or Priesthood, but we've always been in there with him.  This time we stay by himself and didn't have any anxiety issues
  • he loves to jump in his crib and pull blankets out of the basket sitting next to his crib and fling them over the opposite side
  • he loves interacting with his sisters... aka chasing them around while they scream, climbing on them, pulling their hair, biting them, and trying to do whatever they are doing
  • he loves to play outside and in any mud, dirt, and water he can find
  • he loves balls and circles or spheres of any kind
  • he still has the cutest smile around and his little teeth make his smile even more cute
  • he just had three of his k-9 teeth pop through his gums.
  • he hits and bites when he's frustrated or when he hangs around kids who are his same age
  • some words he can say: hi, milk, more, I, apple, shoe, nose, mama, dada, book, meow, ball, quack. He can probably say more, but I just can't think of what they are. But we have noticed his language is really taking off
  • he is really social and flirts a lot. We get lots of comments about how cute he is and we have to agree

Weight: 22 lbs 10 oz (26%)
Height: 32.75 in (55%)
Head: 17.5 in (2%)

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