Pioneer Day 2017

I was surprised to find that Rob didn't get Pioneer Day off this year. He probably didn't last year, but somehow I forgot. I had signed us up to do the Temple to Temple Run. We walked it a few years ago and I remember it being a lot of fun. After the run/walk I had planned that we'd head over to North Park for all the pioneer activities. Which was so fun in years past! But I just didn't feel like I could manage all that without Rob. I really hate big crowds and so taking 3 kids to those events with the rest of the valley did not sound like a good idea. But my friend Kristy invited us to hike to Battle Creek Falls that morning and that sounded a lot more manageable. Sophie was whining or crying pretty much the entire way up. She was wearing her patch and was probable tired from staying up late the night before (we can do everything to get her to bed at a decent time, but we just can't make her fall asleep. So she's been staying up as late as us these days! We really don't love it!) which probably contributed to her behavior. So I did everything I could to help her and then had to just ignore it. Once at the top I ran into my cousin Crystal and chatted with her for a few minutes. Then on our way down the mountain I ran into another cousin Preston. Seriously, it was so random to see two different cousin on the same day at the same place. 
In the evening we decided to run to Costco to shop and pick up some dinner. It was the least busy I've ever seen it! We got the kids their favorite: Lunchables and a berry smoothie and Rob and I shared a pack of sushi. We took our food to a park to eat and let the kids run around and play.
In the evening we lit sparklers and watched nearby fireworks (Sophie still kept plenty of distance and wouldn't try one). It ended up being a a pretty good day even if Rob had to go to work!

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