Sophie Gets Glasses

This two-eyed girl now has four eyes! My brother Shane recently looked at her eyes and found that she has pretty bad vision. She was +1.75 in her right eye and +4.0 in her left. Plus her eyes were working hard to focus both near and far and her eye were starting to turn in. And she has no depth perception. So we ordered her glasses and she'll have to wear a patch on her right eye for  2-3 hours each day. 
The first day was quite the adjustment for her. She didn't like wearing them all the time and would take them off some until she totally lost them. When I noticed she wasn't wearing them I asked her were they were and she couldn't remember. She said she took them off and put them on the grass when she was playing outside, but then she couldn't remember if she'd brought them inside. So at 10 o'clock at night I was looking everywhere inside the house and then outside with a flashlight. I finally found them in a spot that I and Rob had already looked. It was an answer to my prayer. The next day we had a talk about taking her glasses off and if she does she had to bring them to me. We haven't lost them since!

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