Sophie's Endoscopy

We finally saw a pediatric gastroenterologist for Sophie's frequent stomach aches and after blood work and a stool sample we had a endoscopy (scope of Sophie's stomach) scheduled. We were asked to be at the surgical center at 6:30 am.
After a small wait, we were taken to a room with a bed for Sophie. They had her change into hospital clothes and told her all about what was going to happen.  Sophie was pretty excited and loving all the special attention. I thought all the nurses and anesthesiologist were so good with her. Sophie got a little stuffed Nemo and a pink ballerina blanket to keep her cozy and comfortable.
At about 8 am they came in to take Sophie back for her procedure. The scope and biopsy removal only takes about 15 minutes but with anesthesia and recovery it took about an hour. When Sophie came back she was groggy and sucking on popsicles. After a half hour or so the nurse removed her IV and we got her changed and ready to leave. As we left Sophie got to ride out in a wheelchair to the car.
I visited with Dr. Sutton for a few minutes while Sophie was still in recovery and he said that her throat, stomach, and upper part of her intestines looked normal. So we'll need to get the results from the biopsies back. We have a follow up appointment in a couple weeks.

We had Sophie's follow-up appointment a couple weeks later and her endoscopy and biopsies all looked normal. They want to do a CT scan to make sure her anatomy is all correct. If it is correct, then her diagnosis would be Functional Abdominal Pain in Children. This means that her pain is due to extra sensitivity of the digestive organs. That her nerves are so sensitive they cause pain during intestinal functions.

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