The Girls Get a Playhouse

The girls (and their friends) and been talking about building a playhouse for a while now. And just about everyday they ask if I can drive them to the wood store so they can buy some wood and start building. They even drew up plans. Well one day while in Walmart I noticed this playhouse on clearance for 50% off and it was already assembled. So I thought about it for a bit and decided to make my girls playhouse dreams come true without all the building. We couldn't fit it in the back of our van so we paid for it and came back later with our neighbors truck and drove it to it's new home in our backyard.
Rob wasn't too thrilled at first, we had wanted a much nicer and bigger playhouse, but  think after we got it he changed his mind a little. I was certainly pleased that the day after we got it the girls played outside almost the entire day! It was pretty crazy! They had lots of fun decking it out with rugs, stools, food, games, books, etc.

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